The end of September also brings with it the end of the 2015 airshow season, with my last few paid displays all now safely wrapped up and the aeroplane sitting obediently awaiting some rest and tender loving care.

It has been a hectic and busy year, by far my busiest season to date with some 33 performances successfully completed over the space of just over 4 months. Needless to say it hasn’t all been plain sailing, with more than one performance having to be cancelled either due to poor weather or aircraft unserviceability. I do my very best to keep the Pitts up and running as much as is humanly possible, but you simply can’t account for everything and we were unfortunately struck with a major leak from the main fuel tank during the Seething airshow, meaning the next I was due to transit to immediately afterward at Cosby had to be cancelled. I must express my extreme gratitude to the engineers at Fordaire Aviation, Seething for their superb service and efforts in getting us back in the air following the fuel leak, and to Matt Summers of Vortex Aerobatics for going well out of his way to taxi me across the country to collect the Pitts in his beautiful RV8. Thanks guys!

Weather also put paid to performances at Felixstowe, Rhyl, Croft Farm and Hoylake – such is the nature of operating in the UK. The tragedy at Shoreham also can’t go without mention as being one of the hardest days of my life, my thoughts and condolences still go out to all those affected.

Back to the positives though – so many fantastic airshows and events that welcomed me this year have left unforgettable memories. I’ve once again met some truly amazing people, pilots, organisers, volunteers, photographers and spectators alike – without all of us these shows would never happen. I am so grateful to everyone for granting me the opportunity to live such incredible experiences.

I could write all day about the many and varied moments I’ve been so privileged to live this year, but all I’m going to say is wow! Let’s do it again 🙂