Here we go, this is it, the real start of my aerobatic season for 2013. This weekend is the first Intermediate level competition of the year (the first, first competition was cancelled due to a blizzard) and the following weekend yields my first ever, official, proper flying display. To say I’m nervous is an understatement!

I’m not entirely sure how well the competition is likely to go for me on Saturday, there have been a whole host of reasons I’ve not managed to get in anywhere near as much practice flying as I really needed – unserviceability of the aeroplane, illness, a waterlogged runway, work, too much snow, too much rain, too much wind, too much weather in general! That said, I’m not making excuses, I will go into the competition fully aware of my limitations and my capabilities, I know where my weaknesses are and how to play to my strengths. We’ll just have to see how it all goes.

Meanwhile it’s not that I’ve had any real time off flying, I’ve just been doing ‘other things’ than competition practice. Display practices, experimentation flights, smoke system testing, flying other aeroplanes and microlights and even the odd smidge of staring at instruments in wonder have all been done over the past few months, so flying the machine isn’t anywhere near as much of a scare factor for me this year as it was this time last year (whilst I was still very unfamiliar with ‘KDR). I hope I’m not digging myself into a hole here, but despite my lack of focused training and total lack of critiqued flying, I don’t feel entirely overwhelmed and there may even be the tiniest hint of inner confidence – one thing I am now very much aware of about myself is that I am a competent and capable flier, and that if I really put my mind to it I can do some pretty amazing things.

So any of you reading this, do me a favour and cross your fingers for me on Saturday and wish me luck!