2014 has been a big year for me, the ups and downs not limited to my activities in the skies.
It would be easy to dwell on the downs, but frankly the season has been far too good to me to do that.


I’ve met yet more amazing people, gained more great friends, inspired others, been inspired, felt supported, moved and encouraged and at the end of the day finished another flying season successfully, having learned many valuable lessons and gained more experience than I could ever have hoped for. The aviation world really can be a wonderful one.

Highlights have included performing at massive shows in front of crowds of several hundreds of thousands of people, meeting fans to be told I’m doing amazing and inspiring things, being hailed as ‘one of the very best’ displays at shows alongside some utterly incredible acts I could never ever have imagined being compared with. Of course I was also truly humbled being a part of a show upstaged by a pair of aircraft flying with eight merlin engines…

cleethorpes signing autographs

There have been some amazing times with some amazing people and I am so grateful to everyone that has stood by me, supported, encouraged and helped me to keep going this year, I believe I’ve done a few of you proud and I hope to continue doing so. Every word of encouragement, every picture shared, every smiley face tweeted means the world to me.


The winter now sees us in a phase of yet more change, I’ve moved to Gloucestershire to take a job with my sponsor, Hercules Propellers, who will also be helping me expand my flying ‘business’ – to hopefully enable next season to be the best yet. The aeroplane will be in tip-top condition after a winter of extensive maintenance, I will be getting ever fitter and stronger as part of my own winter regime, and plans are afoot to hopefully re-enter the competitive scene in a big way, as well as to take the UK Airshow circuit by storm.
2015 is after all the year of the 70th anniversary of the very first flight of the Pitts Special, so we will be doing our utmost to make it a very special year too.

Keep watching this space!

Seething Air Day 2014 headcam view