The last aerobatic competition of the year has now been and gone, with me once again having a bit of a ‘brain fart’ and missing out on a win simply due to a momentary lack of concentration. It’s a shame, but everything is experience, and this time the experience taught me that next year there may well be a reasonable chance of me doing alright at Intermediate!

The year has certainly been a busy one, with lots of big events from learning to fly new aeroplanes, to moving airfields, to scaring myself silly trying to perfect new manoeuvres. It’s been fun, challenging, exciting, frustrating, scary, boring, and inspiring in varying measures.

With the competition season being over until next year, I’m now going to be concentrating on learning to fly more of the Intermediate figures, along with a good handful of Advanced ones, alongside [hopefully] working toward getting my first Display Authorisation. I’m keen to expand my skill set and the types of flying I do, and starting to do simple displays is certainly one of the first stepping stones I wish to jump onto.

I’ll be writing more soon on some more of the interesting aspects of flying various types of aircraft as a relatively novice pilot in the UK, so keep checking for more updates over the next few weeks.

Tins, tents and aeroplanes – life in the aerobatic world!