I love weddings. I love the joy, the love, the happiness and the lasting memories those special days bring, which is why I absolutely adore performing at them!

There is something uniquely special about drawing smoke hearts in the sky whilst a brand new couple watch on, their families smiling, cheering and waving, their friends excited and amazed.
What better way to really add something unique and unforgettable to your big day than with your very own low-level flying display? A flowing, graceful and dynamic aerobatic display is the perfect way to celebrate a big occasion.

My displays are tailored to each client and venue, from breath-taking low level flying; to big, beautiful smoke hearts drawn in the sky. Fast, dynamic maneuvers make for a performance everyone will remember.

I’m granted permission by the UK Civil Aviation Authority to fly at low level, (down to 50ft depending on venue), where normally the law simply doesn’t permit so why not get in touch today for some thoughts and ideas about your wedding – you might be surprised at just how spectacular my little biplane will look streaking through the sky above your wedding venue.

Fancy seeing your reception from the sky? I run HD video cameras on-board the aeroplane for every display and as part of the package I will supply you a DVD of your flight. You might even be able to spot yourself waving!

Each display can last up to 12 minutes and uses environmentally friendly ‘baby oil’ to create clean and beautiful smoke trails in the sky, making the photographers lives much easier.

Want it to be a surprise? No problem, I deal with all of the logistics, just give me the date, time and location and let’s get someone’s event off to a flying start.

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