2011 is out of the way, and I have to admit I’m not entirely sorry to see it gone – last year started off incredibly badly for us with a house fire that meant a loss of everything we owned. Not a fun few months. Of course though, events like that do serve a purpose, and suddenly not owning anything beyond the clothes I was wearing did very rapidly teach me that ‘stuff’ isn’t everything, and that actually, there are very few things that we actually need to survive in life. Of course, the silver lining to it all has been the fact that we now live somewhere a lot smaller, own a lot less, and I’ve been able to commit my part of the insurance payout to allowing myself to fly the Pitts Special, so indirectly The Aerobatic Project is effectively a product of a really negative period of my life!

2012 is set to be a rather exciting time for me, the site here and the project is starting to grow into something that people are genuinely enjoying, and is a really positive focus for me to develop my own direction with it. I’ve been meeting some fantastic people within the aerobatic and aviation communities, people who are willing to help and encourage me and to whom I feel incredibly grateful. I’ve also been learning a whole lot about myself and about the ways in which I would like to see myself moving, and as such this year will hopefully see some real steps forward, not just in the up-coming competition season, but in everything I’m trying to achieve. Keep watching this space!

So where are we now? G-SKNT is still in the engineering workshop being serviced, and the weather is playing some rather strange games with us anyway, so flying itself isn’t the main focus of the coming few weeks, although of course I’ll jump at any opportunity to get airborne. No, the next few weeks are going to be focused on developing plans for pre-season competition training, fitness work (yes, I mean going to the gym), and more writing and design work on the site here. Other things are also going on in the background, about which I’m going to keep quiet for now.

I’ve also been flexing my graphic design skills again, and have drawn up some initial designs for Aerobatic Project t-shirts, that lots of you have been very interested in – the first test prints arrived today and look like this:

shirts samples!

Hopefully I’ll be getting a batch of shirts printed up soon – so anyone interested in having one please watch this space or the Facebook page (all the design variants have been going up there for feedback) and let just let me know!