Here we are, late December of 2012. What a year it has been!

Firstly, the little red beauty entered my life. The Pitts S1 has completely revolutionised my flying and in turn my life. Learning to own, run and maintain my own aircraft, alongside learning to fly her, has been a very steep curve and at no time easy.


I also embarked on my first true competition season Рbeginning with Standard level competitions and ending up competing (and doing well) at Intermediate. I owe the speed of my progress to the fantastic little aeroplane and also the wonderful people helping me on the ground. Come the end of the season I had won the Diana Britten Trophy (highest scoring  female competition pilot in the UK).

After all the competitions were out of the way for the year, my mind turned toward the possibility of gaining a Display Authorisation in order to fly display aerobatics in 2013. This was for me, probably the biggest challenge of my aviation career to date, and not something I necessarily expected I’d be able to achieve so quickly, but by early December it was done and the piece of paper from the CAA arrived promptly in the post.

So next year I will be focusing hard, both on competition aerobatics as well as my newest flying endeavour – flying displays. Becoming a display pilot is a course I’m not taking lightly, as not only is the flying itself difficult but the process of becoming established and gaining bookings is something that will take a huge, huge amount of effort. To that end I’ve launched a new website, Biplane Displays. Please take a look, and if you know of anyone that might be interested in having a private display (at a wedding or birthday perhaps) then please point them my way.


So, happy 2012 everyone, I hope you’re looking forward to 2013 as much as I am!