Television. Media broadcast to the masses. If you’d have asked me a few years ago if I ever envisioned being interviewed by the BBC for a news piece I would probably have just laughed, and yet that’s exactly what’s happened now. Twice.

Oddly enough it’s not even all that scary, I think my media skills are actually getting pretty good. When Steve Knibbs and the BBC Points West crew turned up at my home airfield with their cameras and very expensive looking gadgets, I have to admit to feeling somewhat nervous. It’s a real credit to just how ‘pro’ the professionals really are though when you are made to feel 100% at ease with a big camera in your face and a big fluffy microphone oddly positioned somewhere within speaking distance. This is not my normal operating environment – I’m more used to being snugly enclosed in my nice safe cockpit than exposed to several hundreds of thousands of people on TV, that’s for sure. That said the whole thing was just a brilliant, fun experience and the quality of the edit a real credit to them – especially the live filmed flying sequences they captured for the piece. I am greatly looking forward to more in the future!

My second appearance was oddly also for BBC Points West, live from the seafront at the Weston-super-Mare airshow. A short but sweet couple of sentences spoken in the face of what felt like a gale-force wind, accompanied by some of my own in-flight footage…I could get used to this TV lark!

Enjoy 🙂