2015: A big year for me. This will be my third display season and the busiest to date. I’m hugely looking forward to returning to many of the wonderful shows I’ve visited over the past two years, along with a whole host of new ones to boot. I can’t wait!

Check out the Calendar page to see where I will be along with a whole host of information about each show.

So, what’s new then? Any of you who’ve been following me for a while will have noticed my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page names change, along with this swish new website – I’m now pushing hard as an airshow pilot, hence ‘Lauren Richardson Airshows’!

I will be sporting a fancy new flying suit adorned with my wonderful sponsors’ logos (if you’re interested in seeing your name on either me or the aeroplane, do get in touch), and the aeroplane is also newly liveried to match the branding.

There is a fabulous new promo video up, created by the wonderfully talented Mike Astles, which I really do urge you to watch – it’s short and very fun to watch.



Of course the biggest ‘new thing’ for 2015 will be a rather heavily modified, updated and dramatically changed display sequence [or two]. I’m not giving much away at this stage, but what I will say is it’s going to be pretty special.

Watch this space!