Hercules Propellers are a UK manufacturer of bespoke wooden propellers. We have been working together extensively to create the very best, most efficient, highest performance propeller to work with my aeroplane, under the stresses of not only extreme aerobatic flight, but on long transit cruises. We have most definitely cracked it and I now fly with by far the best Pitts propeller available, and the best possible support behind it.

Hercules are experts in propeller design and development, as well as state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, producing everything from extremely high performance aerobatic and racing propellers, to exceptional cruise props, to beautiful exact reproductions of historic First World War propellers. Click on the logo above to check out their new website!

Airbox Aerospace are a top-class company who provide and actively support all my in-flight navigation. I run their ‘Runway HD’ software on an iPad mini that straps to my leg on transit flights between shows – I have to say it’s by far one of the most impressive and useful pieces of in-flight technology I have ever tried.

I choose to run CAA mapping over the top of OS mapping (which is particularly brilliant for navigating to private displays at country house hotels!), as well as a full set of Pooley’s approach plates…which all sits right there on my knee!

Runway HD has revolutionized navigation for me, reducing the in-cockpit workload on long flights by a vast, vast amount. I can spend most of my time looking out the window without having to worry about continuously checking the map!

I love video. Taking high quality in-flight footage is absolutely essential for me, both for making those fabulous and entertaining show videos you can see on the videos page, but for self-critiquing my experimental and practice flights.

I use GoPro HD video cameras, mounted in various different places around the aeroplane to cover all the angles. All supplied and supported by my fantastic friends and sponsor, Extreme Sports Camera Hire.

As a display pilot, vision is of utmost importance – my eyesight is incredibly important to me and as such I do everything I can to take the best care of it I possibly can. My chosen protection, both in and outside of the cockpit, is provided by the aces at Scheyden.

Crystal clear optics, coupled with tough yet lightweight construction make for a winning combination in the aviation world – Scheyden’s trademark precision manufacturing and optical quality really ensure their glasses can keep up with the people that use them.

Not only making display pilot standard sunglasses, Scheyden also produce some of the most useful, bombproof bags and luggage I have ever come across, superbly well thought out and even more well made.

Whether I’m waiting to compete in a competition, or flying in the next slot at an Airshow I absolutely must be able to start my aircraft every time. To make this happen I need a battery that provides excellent cranking power and “forget about it” reliability.

With these demands I looked at the available batteries and decided on the Concorde RG25XC, a superb battery with excellent support from the team at the factory. I’m massively looking forward to this reliability for the 2015 season.

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In 2014 airshows in the UK drew in over 5.7 million spectators. As an outdoor spectator activity, airshows are second only in popularity to football.

In 2014 I personally flew in front of over 1.5 million spectators during the course of the year. Many more people saw video footage and still images of the aircraft both online and in conventional print media.

During the course of each airshow my aeroplane has complete, uninterrupted attention for the whole 8 minute display, an unrivalled opportunity to have your logo prominent in the eyes of a vast number of people, and recorded in personal photographs and video by the majority of them.

Many thousands also see images of the aircraft, hear and watch my many radio and television interviews over the course of the season.

As the UK’s only dedicated female aerobatic pilot, as well as being the youngest solo pilot on the airshow circuit, I bring a very unique set of opportunities to reach, inspire and engage with both crowds as a whole and individuals on a personal level. I find it easy interact and engage with young, dynamic, socially aware segments of society, working hard to overcome the traditional view of display pilots being an isolated elite.

My image presents a fresh, youthful and enthusiastic impression to those watching – an angle that creates a very valuable route to engagement.

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