Lauren Richardson

I’m Lauren. I’m 29 years old and have been flying for the past 9 years. 2015 was my fifth season of flying aerobatics and my third season as a display pilot.

Unlike many top pilots and airshow stars, I didn’t start out from an aviation family. Neither of my parents were pilots, nor their parents. In fact I’m pretty sure I’m actually the first in the family!

Pursuing a childhood dream, I started to take flying lessons when I was 19, after saving money working as an engineering apprentice from the age of 16. Once I had eventually saved enough to realistically be able to complete my license, I headed over to my local flying club and joined.

At the start I never once even considered flying aerobatics. I actually thought it was a pretty mad idea and couldn’t fathom why people would do it. All that changed after I took my first flight in a two seat Pitts S2A…

I was hooked from the very start – the first time I saw the earth from the top of a loop instantly changed my life. After that first flight I started having aerobatic lessons. I learned the basics, then ended up heading to and winning my first competition…

In 2012 I became British Female Aerobatic champion and after that gained my Display Authorisation. In 2013 I started airshow flying and found my real passion.

I consistently push myself further and harder than before, getting fitter, stronger, more experienced and more focused. I am still a competitive aerobatic pilot, however my main focus is on airshow flying. I train and practice hard to make each performance the best it can possibly be, working on designing and tweaking new sequences and maneuvers constantly, drawing inspiration from wherever I can to make each performance as incredible and as memorable as possible.

I do what I love and I love what I do.

Ground Crew

Ben Dean

Media Guru – Ben is the man behind the website as well as the vast majority of the Project’s graphic content. He is also a highly talented photographer and is responsible for a large proportion of exceptionally high quality images used across the website and social media feeds.
Ben is also a top class model pilot and has a long running family history in the airshow and aviation scene.