Well here we are, the site is up, the Facebook page is live, I’m still flying until G-SKNT goes in for her annual in the middle of December, the new HD camera system from Dogcam should be arriving some time next week, the HD Contour camera is already here, we have some fabulous new photographs courtesy of the ever-so-lovely Wes Howes and I have a whole load of work to start doing on the Sponsorship campaign. It’s been a busy couple of months and will only get busier.

I’m really excited by how the Project is starting to really come together, the site here looks absolutely fantastic (for which I owe a certain Mr. Gareth Stringer a huge thank you), we have some really interesting videos on the cards once I’ve managed to do a couple more sequence flights with the PoV cameras, I’ve got some great mini-article ideas that I’m working on and we’re already garnering a good deal of interest from all manner of places. Watch this space and the News page for some interesting stuff over the next few weeks!

So in short, hello and welcome to The Aerobatic Project!

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